Landscape with duration(2014-20) Hyper nature (Malchamps moon), 2018, kodak portra 400 with medium format, photography

Artwork with environment(Mobiles of 2007-19) Appel d’air II, 2019, mobile for tracé of duration

Artwork with environment(Stations of 2015-21) Dessins des cimes, 2017, first model with tracé of duration 

Artwork of studio(2014-20) Black out, 2015, photography realized with volcanic ash from Grimsvötn, eruption 21 to 25 may 2011

Artwork of studio(2014-20) Incendie n°387, 2017, photography realized in liquid developement with optical fiber & solarization inspired by forest fires and pyrophyte plants

François Winants is a belgian visual artist focused on atmosphere, environment & time.

François Winants