Landscape with duration(photography of 2014-20) Hyper nature(Malchamps), 2018, kodak portra with medium format, questioned the limits of the eye, the instruments of vision, the behaviour of the light and the rotation of the earth

Artwork with environment(Mobiles of 2007-19) Appel d’air II, 2019, mobile for tracé of duration inspired by the atmospheric balloons

Artwork with environment(Stations of 2015-21) Dessins des cimes, 2017, first model with tracé of duration inspired by meteorologic stations & naturel process

Artwork of studio(2014-20) Black out, 2015, photography realized with volcanic ash from Grimsvötn, eruption 21 to 25 may 2011

Artwork of studio(2014-20) Incendie n°387, 2017, photography realized in liquid developement with optical fiber & solarization inspired by forest fires and pyrophyte plants

François Winants is a belgian visual artist focused on atmosphere, environment & time.

François Winants